you're just as sane as I am
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what’s the password


what’s the password

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all i want to do is learn stuff and not have compulsory tests on it


i love learning new stuff

and reading new books

but when i stress myself out to the point where i’m crying because of exams

that kinda takes the fun out of it

do you feel me

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#Cher lloyd

Get to know Cher Lloyd insp x.

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me around small children

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hail hydra? no. all hail the glow cloud.

And is an active member of the school board.

i also bring the nicest scones, unlike some people

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Make Me Choose → anonymous asked: magic or swords
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Holland Roden + Crystal Reed

"Crystal and I have to stick together and represent the female presence on our very male dominated set and show."

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throwback to downtown Miami from the roof of a parking garage

throwback to downtown Miami from the roof of a parking garage

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